Question: What's good on this site?

Answer: Start with info about where the writers live. Then move on to the Editor's picks. Then check out the categories.

Question: Why do you write T***p with three asterisks?

Answer: Why is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for the snake always depicted as pierced by a spear? So the snake won't come to life, of course! The three asterisks are to avoid summoning the awful power.

Related: reliable sources assure us that T***p is a shape-shifting lizard.

Others have handled the naming problem by changing (restoring) the candidate's name to "Drumpf."

We picked up the three-asterisk convention from the Twitter feed of Joyce Carol Oates. For example:

Question: Who are the journalists with the smartest take on T***p?

Answer: Two come to mind:

Question: But is T***p really a fascist?

Answer: Probably not: I asked 5 fascism experts whether Donald Trump is a fascist. Here's what they said. In short, a true fascist would push for violent overthrow of a democratic government. T***p is using the electoral process.

But c'mon, everyone knows T***p is a fascist, just like everyone knows a daddy longlegs is a spider, and Pluto is a planet.

Question: What's something horrifying to read about the national id that supports Mr. T***p?

Answer: Start with Dave Eggers' essay for the Guardian, ‘Could he actually win?’ Dave Eggers at a Donald Trump rally. (Eggers is one of the Writers on T***p.)

Then check out this Storify of Tweets by Jared Yates Sexton:

Question: Is the image below a metaphor for the T***p candidacy? You know, Lilliputian journalists gleefully strive against a freshly beached giant minifigure?

Image credit: Multichill / Wikipedia on CC BY-SA 3.0

Answer: No.

Question: Are you for real?

Answer: In the words of an oversize yellow caricature of a human being, no real than you are.