Each writer who signed the open letter is identified by a geographical reference, usually a city and state.

For example, Stephen King signs from Bangor, ME; Jane Smiley signs from Carmel Valley, CA; Ed Falco signs from Backsburg, VA.

Let's break it down. The states with the greatest number of signatories are on the coasts:

In fact, these three states alone house 284 of the signatories, some 60% of the total.

On the other hand, thirteen states have no Writers on T***p:

Dynamic map of the Writers on T***p

The map is dynamic: you can zoom in an out, and click on the red flags to see the name of the writer

Writers in red and blue states

In the chart below, the states are listed in order from bluest (at the top) to reddest (at the bottom), as calculated by The Hill. Mouse over the bars, or tap on them, to find out more.

The blue states at the top of the list are home to significantly more of the Writers on T***p, as no one will find surprising.

To found out who the writers from the most conservative states are, see the breakdown on the red states page.

Writers in red and blue states, adjusted for population

By scaling for population, the numbers in NY and CA don't look quite so enormous. Now, the standout state is Vermont, with a paltry population of 626,000, but fully eight writers.

Count of writers in each state