As noted on the geography page of this website, the Writers on T***p tend to come disproportionately from blue states, including New York, Massachusetts, and California.

But who are the writers from the red states? Let's look at the writers from the ten most conservative states.

According to a 2014 analysis by The Hill, the ten reddest states are: Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, South Carolina.

These ten states produced only four of the 471 Writers on T***p!

These four writers came from just three states: Mississippi, Utah, and South Carolina.

Two of the writers in this list are from Utah. T***p is seriously unpopular there. In the primary, Ted Cruz handily won Utah, perhaps owing to the socially conservative tastes of the large Mormon population.

The other two writers in this list are from college towns: Oxford, Mississippi and Clemson, South Carolina.

For more information about where the Writers on T***p live, see the geography page.